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Framed Panoramics

Arena Imaging is renowned throughout the sporting industry for quality framed panoramic images – our own highly trained photographers shoot with specialist high-end photographic equipment. We are able to provide true panoramic photographic prints supplied in various sizes and frame styles and colours. Our design team are able to create product including one, two, three or even four panoramic images within our custom made frames.

Panoramic sizes available:

Framed Desktop Panoramic (inc. stand)

Product size – 366 x 157mm

Package size – 464 x 347 x 30mm

Package weight – 0.75kg

Framed Medium Panoramic

Product size – 568 x 252mm

Package size – 745 x 368 x 40mm

Package weight – 1.5kg

Framed Large Panoramic

Product size – 822 x 348

Package size – 880 x 420 x 45mm

Package weight – 2kg

Montage sizes available

Framed Desktop Panoramic Montage (inc. stand)

Product size – 234 x 183mm

Package size – 464 x 347 x 30mm

Package weight – 0.5kg

Framed Panoramic Montage

Product size – 466 x 365mm

Package size – 575 x 435 x 30mm

Package weight – 1.2kg

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