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Acrylic Wall Art

Ice Sandwich

This upmarket and minimalistic looking product is achieved by printing your image onto high quality photographic paper and then ‘sandwiching’ it between two pieces of crystal clear acrylic creating a stunning border. All Ice Sandwiches include a 2″ border from the print to the edge of the Acrylic. Each product is then finished off with four brushed chrome spacers and hanging blocks.

Product sizes: 15 x 10″ to 60 x 40″

Quantum Acrylic

The Quantum Acrylic offers a modern, dynamic new look to our ‘Ice’ Range by introducing a bevelled edge through a 10mm deep piece of crystal clear acrylic, which is the face of your product. Your image is then sandwiched between another 3mm back plate and four brushed aluminium studs finish off this cool product.

Product sizes: 12 x 10″ to 40 x 30″, product depth: 13mm

Quartz Acrylic

The Quartz is arguably one of our flagship products. Using only the finest ‘flame polished’ acrylic, your image will be encapsulated with total optical clarity between two clear sheets, giving an overall thickness of 13mm. It really is pure elegance.

Product sizes: 16 x 12″ to 40 x 30″,  product depth: 13mm

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